FUNimation 2010 Roll-out Riot, Day 1

So Funi’s started announcing new licences for this year. Normally I’d be thrilled. In fact, I’m really hoping they pick up Toradora. But you know what? Day 1 feels like a bust. They just picked up a bunch of Hong Kong live-action stuff. That’s the most boring way to start a license announcement event that I can think of. Way to fail, Funi. Here’s to hoping the next set won’t be as bad.

Oh, and Crunchyroll picked up Chu-Bra, but it’s a premium thing. They’re not getting my money, especially for a show that looks that bad.

Gonna find another group for it eventually, I guess. I wanna see exactly how awful it’s really going to be.

Oh, and Sora no Woto (So-Ra-No-Wo-To) is out. Expect impressions whenever I get around to watching it (no later than this weekend, probably).


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