FUNimation 2010 Roll-out Riot, Day 3

So day 3 is FLCL. Just FLCL. That’s not really such a bad thing, I guess. It won’t cost an arm and a leg to get the series anymore. They’re also releasing it on Blu-Ray. It’s just… kinda underwhelming. We’re 60% through this thing and all we’ve gotten so far is a bunch of live action stuff that most people don’t care about and a six OVA series that pretty much everyone has already seen since they aired the crap out of it on Cartoon Network. Well, here’s to hoping the last two days blow us away, because there’s not much time left to do so.

Oh, and apparently not checking out the options for this blog thing was leaving pingbacks on Funi’s blog. Embarrassing to say the least. It’s not really a bad thing and it got a ton of hits yesterday, but leaving pingbacks to a mostly empty and brand new blog isn’t exactly impressive by any stretch of the imagination. Disabled for now, though I’m still allowing for pingbacks to other blogs from here. Still, seems kinda weird for a big corporate blog like Funi’s to allow them to begin with. Seems like it would generate a lot of unnecessary spam.


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