Dammit Touhou, stop being so awesome

So I keep getting distracted by Touhou. I don’t know why. I’m not even a super Touhou fan. I’m a casual. I’m like… a super-casual or an ultra-casual. See that picture? Yeah, I know probably less than a dozen of those characters. I’ve never beaten a Touhou game and I’ve only played a handful. I’ve never read any doujinshi (non-ecchi ones, I mean, the ones about the characters), nor have I read any of the manga that the creator, ZUN, writes. I really don’t know squat about it. However, that doesn’t stop me from getting way too engrossed with it every time I touch it.

For example, I keep trying to get things done and there are a handful of Touhou music remix videos that I can’t stop watching. There’s one in particular…

I LOVE that video. It’s awesome. Really unique and it has a catchy song. There’s another one I like to watch a lot, too, because of how silly it is.

Stuff like this will just catch me off guard while I’m trying to get something else done. In fact, yesterday, I was trying to make some headway in Higurashi. At around noon, I decided to get started on it. I got distracted when I saw my Touhou game folder. Started playing… for a few hours. Played Touhou 1, 5, and 9.5 for a long time. Didn’t get started on Higurashi until 4:00.

Here’s the kicker, though. I wanted to make this post at midnight last night before I went to sleep. Know what I did? I got distracted by Touhou again. I watched this a few times:

Then this morning, I was going to make the post. Know what I did? I reorganized all of my Touhou pictures for a few hours… and then watched some videos again. So it took me around 3 hours to make it to this point.

Oh, well. I’ll hopefully dedicate some good quality time to Touhou after I finish Higurashi and get it out of my system. So yeah, Rollout Riot Day 5 in less than an hour and Durarara 1 is out. I’ll hopefully be done with Higurashi this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and I’ll write up some crap about it. More from me in an hourish.


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