FUNimation 2010 Roll-out Riot, Day 5

Well that was a disappointing week. So Funi announced Hetalia today. That’s cool. I have a moderate interest in the series. Dunno if I’ll pick it up, but it’s nice to know the option is there. But Sacred Blacksmith? Really? I’ve heard nothing but bad things about that show. That’s why I haven’t bothered with it. It’s often described as “mediocre at best” and mostly just described as “bad.” Why would you bother with a title like that when you have so much else you could announce? (Toradora/Higurashi Kai & Rei/Negima OVAs plz) We can only hope they’re holding better announcements for the con seasons and that they didn’t pass up any great licenses to sub-only releasers. (Word on the street is that Funi gets first pass at licensing.)

Nothing else new to announce, so probably no new posts until I finish Higurashi.

EDIT: I lied. Ookamikakushi is apparently out. So yeah, one more thing to add to the list of crap I need to watch.


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