More Winter 2010 Anime Initial Impressions

Well I finally caught up on Dance in the Vampire Bund manga after waiting far too long for volume 2 to ship to me from Right Stuf. However, I had the added bonus of being busy with other stuff before I could get around to it and another order I placed for my birthday shipped volume 6 to me, even though the street date isn’t until the end of the month. Now that I’m all caught up, I feel that I can accurately judge the anime as an adaptation.

Additionally, I checked out the first episode of Katanagatari, which didn’t air until the end of January and couldn’t make my first initial impressions list.

First off, I checked out Dance in the Vampire Bund. I’m actually glad I couldn’t give initial impressions after only the first episode or two, because this series starts out much different than its manga counterpart. The first episode alone is completely different and not a shred of it happened in the manga (except one of the servants posing as the Queen, but that’s a very minor point). The second episode also had some weird issues where events occurred very differently. However, most major events were left intact, such as an all-out effort to eliminate the princess and Akira identifying the two armed assassins disguised as non-hostiles. I suppose I can let that one go for the reason I can let a lot of small stuff go: The series is only set to be 12 episodes and it’s going to suffer from a lot of pacing issues if they don’t tweak the story a bit. However, past episode 2, this is rarely an issue. There’s this weird subplot about Akira having amnesia that wasn’t there before, but most of the major events so far (I’ve watched up through episode 5) have been covered pretty well. There’s also some new anime-only girl, but she hasn’t done anything relevant yet, so there’s no plot alteration from her. I think it can be a good series, but it’s looking like it’s short run won’t let it get far enough to do the whole assassination arc that I’d like to see animated. We’ll just have to see how it does by the end.

Katanagatari’s an interesting show, to say the least. It’s scheduled to run one 50-minute episode per month. The first episode aired in late January, but all subsequent episodes are to air earlier in the month. Episode 2 is set for February 8th, if I’m not mistaken. The show is about the girl pictured above, a self-proclaimed “strategian” who must collect 12 special swords before they fall into the wrong hands. The young man pictured above is the son of the man who killed her entire family. She asks for his help because those who use the swords can’t be trusted in collecting them. This young man and his sister, who have lived isolated on an island due to their father’s banishment, know little of the outside world. The young man carries on his father’s fighting style, a style that is swordsman-like yet uses no swords. Because he can’t use a sword, he is ideal for collecting them without wanting to keep them for himself. The first episode involves a lot of backstory and such while including a fight for the first sword. Future episodes look like they’ll be more focused on action. It’s certainly going to be interesting following a show with only one double-length episode per month, but it’s looking like it’ll be a good one. Additionally, the ending theme is by Yousei Teikaku, who I absolutely love.

So that’s pretty much it for Winter 2010. I don’t plan to follow anything else at this point and if I do end up watching something else, it’ll be a marathon after its completion. Spring 2010, on the other hand, is shaping up to be quite interesting with stuff like K-ON! 2 and a Trigun movie. I’m also interested in Working!!, and there seems to be another Anime no Chikara project that people are interested in. I’ll probably have to check that one out, too. More on that when Chartfag puts out a Spring chart.


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