Toradora! licensed! (Oh, and some other crap, too.)

Surely, there is a God.

In a stunning move, NIS America has stepped into the anime market and licensed Toradora! (among a few other titles), offering collector’s items as well.

Press Release (PDF)
ANN Article

The other titles are Pandora Hearts, Persona ~trinity soul~, and Our Home’s Fox Diety.

Now knowing NISA, we’re looking at some nice collectors items here. We could be looking at CDs for the OST or some OP/ED themes. We could be looking at figures. Art books. Hell, we could be looking at just about anything.

My only major concern is that with NISA taking their first step into the anime business, I have no idea if they are going to release a dub or not. I make a habit of not supporting dub-only releases. I will grudgingly buy Toradora!, even if it’s sub-only, but I certainly won’t be supporting any of their other releases if that’s the case. However, this is NISA we’re talking about. It’s a company that takes Japanese stuff, translates it, and redubs it for a living. I’m hoping I can count on them to pull through for a dub. Apparently, pre-orders were going to begin next month and sale was going to begin in April, but these have been pushed back. Hopefully, this is for something related to a dub, which would put my only major concern to rest.

I’ve speculated that this sudden licensing deal, namely with Toradora!, is related to the NIS game Zettai Hero Modification Project. Taiga Aisaka, as well as a few other characters, have cameos in this game. I suspect the licensing may be to alleviate any major issues with getting this game out to the general public. If this is the case, I hope that if they’re putting out dubbed releases that they can get To Aru Majutsu no Index as well, since Index makes a cameo in the same game.

I’d also love for them to pick up Toradora Portable! for PSP now that they have the license…


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