Working!! Advance Airing Impressions

So Working!! had an advance airing yesterday of episode 1. The show doesn’t really start until April, but I thought I’d take a look and see if it was really something I wanted to follow this season.

Since it’s only one episode and it’s an early airing, I’ll try to keep my comments brief and not let judgment get the best of me or anyone else. The episode that aired was the very first episode in the series.

It’s a pretty interesting show. Comedy and slice of life are the standard genres here and it’s got a pretty varied cast. I don’t have many impressions of them so far, but Poplar is adorable, the assistant manager is awesome, and Jun looks like he could be a pretty likable guy. Still not sure what I think of the main guy. He’s a little weird. You may note I’m having trouble with names, as well. I’m hoping that’ll pass as I get into the show more.

The plot is fairly simple. Poplar is sent out to look for some more part-time workers. She finds main guy and he finds her to be so adorable that he doesn’t hesitate to accept the job. During his training, he’s introduced to the rest of the cast at the restaurant. Most of the first episode plot revolves around his initial interactions with these characters which, while entertaining, certainly doesn’t speak of the rest of the series. I’m expecting the rest of it to be even better than this.

And yes, I said even better. I haven’t read the manga (but I kinda wanna, since it’s 4koma and I love those), but I’m interested in the series and this advance airing hasn’t failed my expectations. I’m all about slice of life shows these days, and this one looks to be pretty good. I’m pretty excited about it. Like I said, I’m going to keep my opinions to a minimum here, but I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about it after the show starts airing in full. I’ll be sure to add extra impressions when the Spring 2010 season starts.

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