Higurashi “Meakashi-hen” Impressions


So I finally read MangaGamer’s translation of Meakashi. I didn’t buy it myself (I find the price to be outrageous) so I used someone else’s copy. Just like last time, I patched it. Unfortunately, most of the patches haven’t made their way to the wiki yet and I don’t have links, so I can’t pass them around this time. You may find them with some Google effort, though.

Not so much to talk about this time given that I covered a lot of things in my impressions of the question arcs.

As far as MangaGamer’s handling of the arc, it’s much better than the question arcs. Spelling and grammar errors are at an absolute minimum. They really have worked hard to improve the quality of their releases. However, they did still change out some of the sound effects and music that was re-used from the question arcs (for the same reasons that caused them to be changed then). These are, however, patchable. There’s a SFX/Music patch for Meakashi out there that replaces these with the originals from the Japanese releases. All Kai-exclusive music has been left untouched, so it does not need to be included in said patch.

The arc itself is great. It’s the solution to the second question arc, Watanagashi-hen. It plays out with a few changes, but is mostly exactly the same and expands a lot on the history leading up to all of the arcs dealing with the previous year when Satoshi disappeared. It does an excellent job of clearing up most of the mysteries from Watanagashi-hen without creating too many new ones. The story is gripping and emotional. It’s quite a tear-jerker at times. It’s also got a pretty interesting revelation. I wish I could say that the music was a major improvement, but it was kinda lackluster. There weren’t many new tracks and most of them were remixes of the same song, so there wasn’t a lot of variation among them.

I’d definitely say check this one out if you’re a Higurashi fan, especially if you read through the question arcs. The VN is spectacular and beats out all of the Higurashi adaptations. (It is the source material, after all.) Just be wary of the price (19.95 EUR, roughly 27.25 USD at the time of posting).


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