I pre-ordered it

But this is the only sub-only series I’m going to support. Ever. You hear me, NISA? You better shape up further down the line if you want my anime money.

Anyway, for anyone that didn’t hear, pre-orders are up for Toradora and Persona premium editions. The price is $47.99 (US) and each one includes the first half of the series (two discs) and a hard-cover art book (30-40 pages, full color). If you pre-order at NISA’s Rosenqueen store, you get a double-sided poster (Toradora on one side and Persona on the other). Each series has a different double-sided poster. I’ll warn everyone that shipping was pretty pricey at Rosenqueen. It was $13 for me for just the premium box. I opted to buy from Right Stuf instead since adding $1.01 to the order scored me free shipping (and there was no tax for me, either). I had another DVD set and a book I wanted anyway.

Oh, and I finally read Narcissu, The Dandelion Girl, and Katawa Shoujo and I’ll be reading Ever17 this week, hopefully. Making decent progress on the VN front, finally. Also tore through the Higurashi manga’s official release (the first three question arcs) after I read Meakashi and I’ve been keeping up with my anime. Expect final impressions for part of the Winter season later this week after Ookami Kakushi is over and the rest of the season the week after. By then, the Spring season will have started, so expect some initial impressions not too long after.


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