I had a dream last night…

My whole family was watching TV together and since it was ESPN, I wasn’t super interested. Different athletes were coming on and talking about their careers and their likes/dislikes. A baseball player comes out wearing a hard-plastic Hoshi mask from Arakawa. I chuckled a bit and said “I’ve been watching that, it’s pretty funny.” He takes the mask off and sets it on the desk to have his interview, leaving it there when he’s done. A few minutes later, another guy comes out wearing one too and says “I guess you’ve already heard about it, huh?” while picking up the other guy’s mask. They start showing a clip of it and discussing the show a bit.

Next thing I know, the show is suddenly a roundtable discussion involving not only the people in the studio, but some anime characters who showed up out of nowhere. At least one of them was a student from Sayonara Setsubou Sensei. Then they start doing riddles. The riddle is “Schrodinger wanted to look, but wasn’t interested in size.” I told my family it was a “cat box” and then I woke up.

what is that i dont even

I think that SHAFT marathon I’m doing is starting to get to me.


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