Higurashi “Tsumihoroboshi-hen” (& first anime series) Impressions


As usual, I didn’t buy it, I just used someone else’s copy. I’m not paying the ridiculous price MG is asking for it. So yeah, some bonus content this time as I comment on the first anime series as well, since the two match up to this point in the VN release.

So as usual on the VN front, MangaGamer has messed up the VN again. There are missing tracks and sound effects all over the place. I was not aware of it at the time I gave my impressions of Meakashi, but apparently these are no longer completely fixable. MG has messed up the game to the point where it’s impossible to patch it back to normal. Also, the two games are no longer able to have patched music/sound effects without cracking the game (I think). Graphics are still able to be patched by simply replacing the corresponding .arc file, though.

However, MG gets major points this time for their translation. I don’t remember seeing any spelling or grammar errors. At least no major ones that stuck in my mind. Their translations are really improving and I applaud their recent efforts. If only they could do something about their price…

The arc itself is amazing. I can’t say for sure that it’s my favorite, but it’s really good. I think Tatarigoroshi is an excellent emotional chapter and Tsumihoroboshi is an excellent action chapter. Ryukishi07 really outdid himself on the action scenes in this arc. They’re simply amazing. The last chapter in particular was probably the best chapter I’ve read in the entire VN series so far.

If you haven’t been super impressed with the series up to this point, this could be the major turning point for your opinion. Definitely pick this chapter up, but again, beware the price point.

Now, having read all of the VN up to the point covered in the first anime series, I watched it for comparison. The anime actually deserves the credit it’s given among the non-Japanese community. I can’t say how well it did in Japan where the VNs were available for comparison from the start because I know it received a lot of criticism just like the Umineko anime did globally. I will say that the only part that I felt was far too rushed was Tsumihoroboshi and that the only major reveal that was left out of any other arc was the Shion/Mion naming thing from Meakashi.

However, I feel like the absence of a lot of information was handled well and the arcs made sense. This is certainly not the way I felt about the Umineko anime. I think the biggest problem with that, however, was the fact that Umineko is much more reliant on facts and details and skipping out on a lot of them really hurt the anime adaptation, especially at the big red/blue argument at the end of Episode 4 where they could have put in a lot more time if they hadn’t spent a good half episode showing us Ange on a boat. They would have done better getting up to that argument by cutting down on boat time and spending the entire last episode on it.

Anyway, I give high praise to the Higurashi anime. It’s not perfect, but what can you do squeezing six VN arcs into 26 episodes?

Anyway, that’s probably it from me until the next Higurashi or Umineko release. It’s likely to be both Higurashi arcs before the next Umineko, but there’s been a lot of progress on Umineko, so it will really depend on how long editing takes. Until then…


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