I suck slightly less again.

1cc’d Imperishable Night this time through FinalB, unlocking the Extra Stage. It’s about damn time I 1cc’d a Windows game. Too bad it was an easy one. Still doesn’t feel like much of an accomplishment. I’ll either try plugging away at something like PCB or EoSD next or I’ll stick to PoFV until I unlock everything.

I’ve also tried my hand at the fighting games, but IaMP is the only one I don’t completely suck at, so I’m not really making any progress. I’ve beaten IaMP with Marisa’s first bad ending and I almost beat Stage 5 once without having to continue, but I wouldn’t have made it any further than the second bad ending. I’m having a really hard time playing on a keyboard and I can’t get a good controller to try my luck with. Not having luck getting my PS3 controller to work either.

Also, as I mentioned last time, I’ve tried my hand at the newest game, Double Spoiler, but I have really only played it on and off for short periods of time and Level 6 is as far as I’ve made it. It’s pretty low on my priority list for Touhou games, especially since I’ve left the main ones and even the first camera game unbeaten. We’ll see how long it takes me to do anything noteworthy in another Touhou game, I guess.

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