Higurashi “Minagoroshi-hen” Impressions


I actually finished reading this a couple of days ago, but I decided to put some priority on other things. I guess I don’t love my occasional reader as much as I really freaking wanted to play a damn video game for once. Damn near burned myself out on VNs thanks to Fate/stay night.

Anyway, as usual, I didn’t buy it. Too expensive for my tastes. I used someone else’s copy.

As usual, MangaGamer took out some tracks and sound effects. Nothing new there. Patch it into oblivion if you’re worried about it. As with last time, though, the translation was great. I think I noticed a total of two errors. Doesn’t mean there weren’t more, but that’s all I really noticed.

I don’t really have a lot to say about this arc. It’s the answer arc for Tatarigoroshi-hen. If Tatarigoroshi-hen was my favorite emotional arc and Tsumihoroboshi-hen was my favorite action arc, then Minagoroshi-hen is my favorite plot arc. The story was great and it takes care of (as far as I remember) all of the remaining mysteries in the series, setting up for the final confrontation and resolution in the last arc. The music was great, the emotional moments were touching, and we really see Ryukishi’s ability to set up argument/debate scenes here. There are a lot of them and it’s a good look at how he really did things before moving on to Umineko.

As always, recommended, but watch the price tag.


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