Higurashi “Matsuribayashi-hen” Impressions


So after waiting a few days on patches, I finished up Higurashi Kai with the final arc, Matsuribayashi. And as usual, I didn’t buy it because the price point was too high. I used someone else’s copy. Now we move on to the usual discussion of the arc, including MangaGamer’s handling of it.

So as with every other arc, some music and sound effects were removed. It’s really unfortunate that this had to happen through every single arc of Higurashi. With the question arcs, it was completely fixable. However, it wasn’t 100% reversible with the answer arcs. That wasn’t the biggest disappointment with this arc, though. The translation, despite being great for the answer arcs, especially up through the previous two, reverted in quality to something that was almost as bad as the question arcs release. There were several spelling errors, multiple incorrect words, and a lot of sentences that were incorrectly put together. I’m a bit disappointed with MG that they let the quality slip on the final arc after they started doing so well.

Now problems with MG aside, the arc itself was great. It was a wonderful resolution to the entire series. Ryukishi07’s expertise in setting up exciting confrontations, both physical and otherwise, comes into play several times here. You can tell he was through most of the transition to Umineko at this point in his writing as far as conflicts and dramatic tension were involved. The music is great and showcases some of the best music of the series (though I felt like some of the tracks in previous arcs were some of the better ones in the series). I’m not sure how I feel about this one as one of my favorite arcs, though. It may be a contender for my favorite action arc alongside Tsumihoroboshi, but I think it shines more as a top-tier plot arc. The segment where the pieces are assembled does a great job of explaining most of the backstory (while letting us fill in the gaps with what we already know) and also clears up several things that we didn’t know at all before.

Anyway, as always, I recommend it, but I feel like it’s too expensive. MG had a temporary price reduction on all of the other arcs, but this one came out at full price, so unless there’s another markdown, don’t expect to see this one discounted for a while.

Well, that’s it for Higurashi and Higurashi Kai. All that’s left is the only partially translated Higurashi Rei. I’ll be marathoning the Kai anime tomorrow and the next day I’ll be trying to read through the Saikoroshi chapter in Rei as well as watching all of the Rei anime, but I don’t think I’ll have anything to comment on. I may or may not consider a Higurashi full-series impression, but then again, I may just wait until Rei is completely translated before I jump into something like that.


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