Have you tried Recettear yet?

I’ve been having the time of my life playing a newly translated game lately. The game in question? Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. Check it out here. Try the demo here.

The game revolves around a little girl named Recette, who has inherited her father’s massive debt after his disappearance. A fairy working as a collection agent for the finance company, Tear, shows up to ask for the repayment and threatens to take her home if she can’t pay up. Seeing poor little Recette nearly break down at the possibility of losing her home, Tear suggests turning her home into an item shop to help pay off the debt within a set time frame.

The game plays out in two major parts. One is where you run the item shop, helping customers find the items they want and setting up displays and deciding what to charge to maximize profit and minimize losses. The other is where you go score some free loot to sell by grabbing an adventurer buddy and running off to the nearest randomly-generated dungeon to kill stuff. Throughout the game, you can collect guild cards for various characters in order to use them to clear dungeons.

You can level up your adventurers by running them through dungeons in a Zelda-esque top-down RPG hack-n-slash. They’ll even come to your store as customers, where you can sell them new gear as permanent upgrades.

The script for the game is pure gold and the translation is great at keeping the lighthearted and hilarious feel of the game intact.

I really wish I could do a better job of explaining what makes this game so great, but seeing really is believing. The best part of that? You can see it for free with a demo version that allows you to play the first week as many times as you’d like, and demo save files are compatible with the full version, so you won’t lose any progress you make. Within the first week, you get access to the first real dungeon and can recruit one new adventurer, which is a good indication of what the game has to offer, even if it is only an incredibly tiny fragment. You can get the demo here. It’s offered as both a standalone game and a Steam download.

While it’s unfortunately past the pre-order period and a 10% discount is no longer applied to purchases, the game is still a measly $20 for dozens of hours of content. In fact, in trying to do everything (including filling out the encyclopedia and obtaining all of the true guild cards), I expect to break 100 hours. You can purchase the game from several digital sources. It comes DRM-free from Impulse and GamersGate, but patches must be downloaded from the main site and applied manually. You can also get it from Steam, which requires the Steam wrapper to play, but you have the added bonus of easy downloads and installation as well as automatic patching.


I highly recommend giving this game a try and if you like it, don’t hesitate to purchase it. It’s definitely worth your money.


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