Addendum: Length of Recettear

As an addendum to my earlier estimation of game time, I said that beating everything would be “dozens of hours of content.” Well I just finished the last dungeon and obtained the last character. Now I haven’t cleared the Boss Rush for the last dungeon or any of the stages for the final non-story dungeon, but not everyone will bother with that stuff after beating the last story dungeon, so let’s take a look at my play time.

As you can see, it’s an even 35 hours, just short of three dozen (because save data from the demo carries over into the full game, so I can combine the play time). The final time on my save file was just over 26 hours. Not bad for $20, eh? And I still have characters to level, true guild cards to obtain, and an encyclopedia to finish, as well as setting records for a handful of dungeon runs and a few remaining story events in town. I expect to tack an extra hour or two onto the record just for the dungeon runs (since I have five of them to do) and dozens of hours for everything else, probably getting somewhere close to my expectation of 100 hours.


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