Support the localization of the Umineko PS3 port!

You can do so at both of these publisher forums:

Aksys Games:

You can also show your support at the localization effort’s Facebook group:

I highly recommend showing your support at the NISA forum, as it’s become a huge movement there and registering for an account takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is vote that you’d like to see the game in the thread’s poll, but making a post wouldn’t hurt either. People are also working on making a strong argument for why it’s a financially sound idea for NISA to localize it, so if you have any good ideas that haven’t been mentioned in the thread, be sure to share them.

And while you’re there, why not voice your support for Toradora Portable? :3


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6 Responses to “Support the localization of the Umineko PS3 port!”

  1. IxIoN Says:

    I’m in the movement and I’m glad to see the news being posted around the internet. Hope more support joins thanks to this ^^

    • Daverost Says:

      Ah, yeah, I’ve seen you. Dunno why I didn’t do it immediately, but I realized today that while I’m supporting one thread at NISA here, I may as well support another. I do get some hits here every now and then, so maybe I’ll get lucky and get another person or two over there, lol.

  2. Keriaku Says:

    I like this

  3. Keriaku Says:

    You should add a link to the facebook group!

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