New tradition accomplished.

For the second year in a row, I’ve watched the entirety of Toradora on DVD, including all 25 episodes, all 4 SOS specials, and every clean OP/ED, in a single day.

It’s also the third year in a row that I’ve seen the series in full. I decided after managing to do the whole series in a day last year that I’d try to make it a tradition by doing it once a year and sure enough I managed it again this year. The show still hasn’t gotten stale for me. I knew everything that was coming and the impact was just as great as it was the first time around. Still hands down my favorite anime of all time.

Anyone who hasn’t seen Toradora, I highly recommend it. Anyone who dropped it part of the way through, I encourage you to give it another try all the way to the end. Your efforts will be rewarded with the best chick fight and the best kiss scene I have ever seen in all of anime, as well as my absolute favorite romance/pairing in anime.


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One Response to “New tradition accomplished.”

  1. Rintarou MadScientist Okabe Says:

    ive done the same thing on school rumble,.. repeatedly watching in oneshot both seasons for 3 years(atleast 2 to 4 times a year)

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