Fall 2011 (+The Idolmaster) Final Impressions

This is going to be pretty short. Most of the shows I watched this season carry over into Winter.

I’ll start with the only carryover I had.

The Idolmaster – I don’t really know what to say about this one. It was a hell of an enjoyable ride, but not much really happened. We saw the rise to stardom of a group of young ladies and it was pretty episodic. I can’ t say for sure how much I miss it just yet, but I’m definitely missing the the music. I’ve heard news of another season and I’m honestly pretty hopeful. I’ve always been interested in the games, so with the new PS3 version of iM@S2 coming out, I’d love to see it stateside. Shame we probably never will. Either way, this series has definitely made me a fan of a series that I was only barely familiar with before, so that’s a good thing. Bottom line: Nothing special here, but if you want a good, fun series, give this one a go. If nothing else, it’s at least enjoyable.

That’s it for Summer. Not much for Fall, though.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukinai – This was a great show. Definitely one of my favorites this season. It had a really good cast, though I started to hate Yozora more and more as the series went on. Sena ended up being a lot better than I thought she would be and Kobato is the obvious champ for most adorable character. There’s something for just about everyone and it’s full of laughs. Bottom line: A strong contender for show of the season and an all-around great show.

C3 -Cube x Cursed x Curious- – This was a surprisingly good show. I didn’t expect much from it before it started and even after it did, I didn’t see a whole lot of potential in it. It really surprised me. I think it was a lot like Kamisama Dolls was last season in that it was unexpectedly dark and filled with action. Not only that, but the director was the same one for BakaTest, and I really do enjoy their style. (If you think it looks a lot like a Shaft show, you’d be right, since this director is a protege of Shaft director Shinbo, and they were also the director for both ef series, which were Shaft shows.) Good stuff. Bottom line: A surprisingly capable series that left me wanting a second season already.

Ben-To – This was a pick-up more than half of the way through the season. I loved it up through the point I picked it up at, but it had a really week second half with the exception of one of the last few episodes where we get to see some twins kick some supermarket ass with baskets. Even the episodes after that weren’t that great. I’d like to see a second season if they could bring back the magic that made the first half so great. Bottom line: Definitely worth a watch, but watch yourself through the second half, because you may find your enjoyment of the series slipping a bit.

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume (S2) – More of the same from the first season, really. Not a whole lot going on here that set it apart from the first season except for that awesome English scene. Official “de geso” sentence enders in English? Suck it, terrible squid puns. Bottom line: Definitely worth a watch if you liked the first season, more of the same if you hated the first season.

Tamayura ~hitotose~ – Man, did I ever love this show. It was so good. It kept a smile on my face the whole time. Not even one of those giant goofy grins, but one of those subtle smiles that you don’t even immediately realize you have. The kind that shows that you’re just plain enjoying yourself and that you’re in a good mood. There isn’t much of anything that can do that to me consistently. Bottom line: I recommend this show. Highly, highly recommend it. Start with the OVA series if you haven’t seen it at all, because those come first, but definitely at least give the show a shot. It’s so damn good and very underrated.

Working’!! (S2) – Again, more of the same. I will say that I liked this season a lot more due to Yamada being around the entire time and Inami generally being far less annoying. It was definitely an improvement over the first season. Bottom line: If you like Working, get on it. If you hated Working because of Inami, give this season a shot. If you just hated Working period, don’t bother.

And that’s it for the impressions.

Pick for Show of the Season: Tough call. It’s probably going to be Fate/Zero, but I’m going to withhold judgment until it’s over. I’ve still got 5 shows going into the next season and Fate/Zero going into the Spring season. I’d say Fate/Zero’s going to take it no matter what, though.

I guess the next thing’ll be Winter 2012 first impressions, but the first shows I watch don’t start until late next week. We’ll see how long it takes for all of the first episodes to come out. I’m definitely going to be busy this coming season.

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