Of Idolmaster and wasting all of my time…

I’m like a man obsessed, probably because I am. Ever since watching the Idolmaster anime last year, I’ve found myself absolutely obsessed with the series.

Having known next to nothing about it beforehand, I quickly latched onto anything I could get my hands on. First came the web game, Cinderella Girls, which I’ve recently thrown myself back into. I’ve been working on my idol teams, but they’re not super great yet. Here is my leader:

My dedicated members for offense:

And my dedicated members for defense:

I feel like I’m making some progress, though. I even won some awards a couple of weeks ago.

It’s tough to play without being verified, but I’m still enjoying it.

Recently, though, I’ve become more adventurous in my endeavors, going so far as to pay good money to import a couple of the actual games, despite not knowing any Japanese.

I haven’t gotten around to Idolmaster SP: Perfect Sun yet (and yes, I know it’s translated and I didn’t really need to pay for it), but I’ve been playing Idolmaster 2 pretty extensively lately whenever I have the time. It’s been a blast. I can somewhat understand what the characters are saying and doing due to a combination of years of anime/video games in Japanese and recent studying of both hiragana and katakana (no kanji is hurting me, and so is my reading speed, but that’s been steadily improving as I play), but the base gameplay is very simple. A lot of it is written in English, often with romaji and if not then it’s in katakana. It’s not hard to figure out how to play. I beat the game on my first run through with a pretty impressive showing, if I do say so myself.

Image Level – A
High Score – A (55892)
Total Sales – B (3762332)
Top Chart Position – A (1)
Rewinds – A (0)

Overall – B

My top seller song by the end of the game was 2393185 units.

Not bad for a first time, especially when you don’t speak Japanese. I fell just short of the highest possible rank for Normal difficulty by a single category.

Anyway, I’m doing the extra episodes now with two of them left, then I’m going to start my first serious run using my favorite of the girls, Makoto, as the leader. It’s gonna be great. We’ll see where my newfound obsession leads me from here on out.

P.S. 100th post!


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