Of Idolmaster and spending all of my money…

Yeah, clearly I can’t just stop.

These G4U sets are quite nice, though.

An anime blu-ray, a bonus feature DVD, a game, a magazine-y thing with pictures, info, and a comic, a book full of concept sketches for the anime, and all of those little postcard-esque things with the pictures on them. Very cool. I got this one at a bargain price, too. 61% off from Amazon.co.jp, direct from Amazon, and I used JShoppers as a forwarding service, whom I highly recommend. There’s no base fee for their services, they give a 5% discount on EMS shipping, and they’re frighteningly quick. I’m very impressed by them.

Anyway, I have another G4U set and Dearly Stars on the way, because three Idolmaster games clearly isn’t enough for the likes of me. At this rate I’ll end up buying the rest (save maybe Vol. 1, since I don’t want to double dip on the premium box for iM@S2) and the other two PSP games, but maybe I’ll be able to restrain myself a bit. After all, the only thing left that I really want is G4U Vol. 7. I just picked this one up because it was cheap and I wanted at least one.


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