And one to grow on…

And this is the last… for now.

And this one came with some pretty nice stuff.

The book this time is full of key art, and it’s some really nice stuff, too. Stuff like key art for the second OP and for Chihaya’s concert scene. Speaking of, I’m so glad that episode is on the blu-ray here, because damn that’s a fantastic episode. My favorite in the series. It also had a nice little music CD with four songs on it. I think one is original (Slapp Happy!!!) and the other three are Bossa Nova remixes of other songs (arcadia, Kiramekirari, and READY!!). Good. Freaking. Stuff. Damn, I’m really happy with this one.

Also, the last of my older imports.

All Cave shooters/shmups for Xbox 360. Left to right is Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5, Espgaluda II Black Label, Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets, and DoDonPachi Resurrection/Daifukkatsu. DDP Resurrection is the only European import in my collection.

Well that’s it for imports for now. I have one more coming, but it’s out later this month and I’m not sure when exactly. GameFAQs says 6/28, but AmiAmi just says late-June. I expect I’ll have it about a month or so from now, but I’ll be sure to post a picture then. Again, it’s not like anyone really reads this anyway.


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