New custom arcade stick

Got my Qanba stick in this week and I also got the last few pieces in (with the very last ones coming in yesterday), so I went ahead and customized it. Crappy cell phone pics:

And a better view of the dustwasher:

And a better picture of the art:

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I’m just a little disappointed that I can’t quite get the black lines across the buttons to line up evenly through my clear Sanwas. If/when I switch the art out, I’m not going to make the mistake of putting anything that can easily be identified as misaligned across the buttons again.

I’m also really happy with the Qanba. I was using a MadCatz SE (Brawlstick) before. This Qanba is a lot better, and it plays on both PS3 and 360, which is a huge bonus, especially since I’ve got Phantom Breaker coming in whenever the hell they decide to release it. I also love the compartment in the side for storing the cable, as well as the carrying handle on the top. It’s definitely a top-notch stick.

Honestly, I expected my initial impressions post to come before this, but up until to day I haven’t seen a single bit of Ebiten. All that’s out today is a non-English sub release. There’s not even a raw out, which is weird since it’s a web episode. Should be easy to snag. Again, though, I don’t even know what the translations are looking like. If I don’t hear from it by next weekend then I’ll just write up my post without it on the assumption that it won’t be subbed for some time, if at all. If it’s not out by then, my next post will probably be another import post.

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