More additions to the family


First up: Megpoid the Music♯.

gumipspdlcsmall gumipspfrontsmall gumipspbacksmall gumipspcontentssmall gumipspfiguressmall

This is the LE, and it came with the two figures and a PSP skin. You’ll also notice in the top picture that it came with a DLC outfit.

And the other: Gravure for You! Volume 5.

g4uvol5small g4uvol5stuffsmall

I finally got a decent price on this one (third party via, Fulfilled by Amazon). It’s definitely one of the better sets I’ve gotten. It had two of my favorite things in it: a music CD and a key art book. This one also has the episodes with the stage performance in the middle of the series, so now I have that in glorious uncompressed HD. It also has fruit costumes. (I still want to see these as DLC in iM@S2…) Yayoi is one of my top three idols, too, as if I needed another reason to appreciate this set. I didn’t have enough time to get to playing the game last night, unfortunately, so that’ll happen today. I’m still in the middle of Neptunia Victory (cleared all endings, but haven’t gotten the platinum), but I think I can spare an hour or so to get the trophies and check out the music.


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