Spring 2013 Initial Impressions


I kinda forgot that I had to do this last week since I was in a push to finish up Neptunia V. (Got my platinum!)

I want to try doing these without series synopses this time because odds are pretty good you can read just fine (or you wouldn’t be here) and they’re all in that chart. And I’m no good at writing them. So we’ll just roll with a title, an image, and my impressions.

Date A Live


I admit to watching this entirely for the Tsunako artstyle. I love Tsunako’s art. I also can’t wait for the Neptunia anime, but it looks like it’s going to be drawn a lot worse, unfortunately. However, beyond the art, there’s still a very enjoyable show here. It’s typical harem hijinks with some neat fights and some awesome designs. I just finished watching episode 3 before typing this and Tohka (purple armor girl) is absolutely adorable. It looks like it’s going to be a while before we see the girl with the clock eye, but I’m pretty excited to see what she’s all about, too. There’s zero chance I’m going to drop this. I only hope that Funi moves it from a streaming license to a home video license and actually bothers to give us the blu-ray in a reasonable time frame. Tsunako needs more of my money.

Photo Kano


I dropped it. I was hoping that a series from the same guys as KimiKiss and Amagami would have at least half the charm of those. It didn’t. Every episode is full of absolutely nothing worth watching. The girls are okay, but no progress is ever made with any of them. A casual conversation is held, maybe some blackmail, then some pictures are taken. Everyone in the Photography Club, including the main character, is a sleazeball. All of them. It’s not even funny because it’s far too creepy. The MC literally blackmails the student counsel president in order take sexy pictures of her in her swimsuit. This isn’t a show I want to watch.



This one was kinda surprising. For a 4-koma show, I expected it to be one of those silly 3-5 minute deals, but it turns out it’s a full-length series. It’s actually pretty good, too. 4-koma shows can kind of overstay their welcome in a longer format, but this show just flows so well from one subject to another that I really find myself engrossed in it and it seems to end way too fast. It’s fun, it’s silly, it’s cute, and I can’t wait to sit down with it when it airs.

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai.


This is the second season, so expect pretty much more of the same from the first season. We’ve unfortunately seen very little Kuroneko so far, despite the developments at the end of the first season (which got all of about a minute’s coverage in the first episode). There have also been some changes from the source material that turn Kirino into a bigger bitch than she’s supposed to be, and that’s kind of hurting my perception of the series. I want to like it, but if you’re going to put Kirino front and center, don’t make her so awful. Her relationship with her brother was supposed to have improved, not gotten worse. The novel even says as much and she acts differently there… I just hope these “creative liberties” don’t wreck the series.

Shingeki no Kyojin


The first episode was incredible and the second was pretty good, too. The third one is airing tonight and we’ll see how the series carries itself going forward. Having not read the manga, my understanding is that it jumps between periods of action and periods of development. We’re currently in one of the development periods and whether or not these turn out to be enjoyable or at least tolerable will determine my tolerance for the series. The action parts have already proven themselves, but it’s a matter of whether or not I’ll be able to sit through the stuff in between them. If it doesn’t completely drop the ball, though, this could be the show of the season.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W


This is the second season, so expect more of the same. Or rather, I hope I don’t have to. The first season started out alright (and this one has so far), but it just seemed to have lost all sense of itself by the end and went in a direction I don’t think anyone ever expected or wanted out of it. This way out there comedy series started to get bogged down by all kinds of weird drama and conflict. The ending was absolutely boring as hell. I’m hoping that with the second season already back on track with a good start that it can hold out this time and remain as the series everyone watched for in the first place.

Suisei no Gargantia


I admit to picking this one up simply because it’s Gen Urobuchi. I like the man’s work. However, he did say this would be different than his other works, and that it was meant to be encouraging. He seems to be trying to get away from what he’s done before. Word’s going around that he’ll be doing something for kids soon? I can’t say it’s a good idea, though. I’m going to hope this one ends up better than Psycho-Pass. Psycho-Pass was the weakest of the Urobuchi works I’ve seen (and from the sound of things there’s only really one other competitor). I’m hoping for the best, but if it’s going to be different, then I don’t know how it’ll go. He hasn’t proven yet that he can really work outside of his comfort zone. So far, so good, though, if only a little slow.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko


Really hard to find pictures of this anime for some reason. Everything that came up was the manga. Anyway, cute series. I read the first volume of the manga (which, despite being only four months old, has completely disappeared and is no longer listed on Right Stuf and only available from third parties via Amazon) before this started. I really enjoyed it. The anime is a little odd in that it’s based on a light novel series, but uses the manga for visual reference (framing, posing, etc.) and yet doesn’t do things the same way as the manga. I haven’t read the novels, so I don’t know if the anime or the manga is closer to the source. I just know that they’re different. I did like the way things went in the manga a little more, though. That said, I’ve only seen one episode (the second airs today) so we’ll see if it stays different as it goes on. Enjoyable so far and I like Yui Ogura in everything.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S


This is the second season, so you know what to expect here. This one will cover the much-loved Sisters arc. I should… probably get on the manga soonish, before I leave myself without anything to look forward to reading of the six volumes I’ve bought (plus one on order) that are collecting dust on my shelf. Anyway, I like what I’ve seen so far. Getting away from the filler of the first season (even if it was canon) is really getting me back into the mood of the series. I also really like the Misaka Imouto gang, so I can’t wait for this series to really get underway.



This is a series about some girls, crabs, and Steve Jobs, apparently.

Yeah, I don't even know.

Yeah, I don’t even know.

Actually, it’s not really about much of anything yet. It’s a short show and there have only been two episodes which were pretty introductory, so I don’t know where it’s going (and by the series description, it’s probably not going anywhere in particular). I do have to say that I really like the voice talent here. They seem to be unknowns (I think all of them had this as their first role?) and I appreciate the raw sound they add to the show. It’s not just raw due to them honing their budding talent, but also because it’s a very natural sound. It’s not so overly animated like you hear in a lot of series. It really helps set the mood and tone of the show. I like it. I wish them all well in their careers and hope they can hold on to a bit of this sound.

Nobody knows what’s up with Higurashi yet. It supposedly comes out this season, but we still don’t know if it’s a series, a movie, or an OVA, or if it will even happen at this point.

RDG and Dansai Bunri aren’t listed because I decided not to watch them until I got further opinions. I realized I couldn’t get myself hyped for them at all and early opinions I’d heard on RDG weren’t very good. (And they’re definitely early. Apparently the NND webcast is like 2-3 weeks ahead of the TV broadcast?) I may watch them later if overall season impressions are good, but I’m not banking on it. We’ll see. I won’t cover them here, though.

Also, it’s not a TV series or anything, but Little Witch Academia was awesome, and everyone should watch it. Studio Trigger has put it up with English subtitles on their YouTube channel completely free, so I’ll save you the trouble and embed it here. I encourage you to go leave some comments and a Like on the video if you enjoy it. They really should be congratulated on the excellent effort they’ve shown here.

That’s probably all you’ll hear out of me for a while. I have no imports coming or any special marathon ideas or anything like that. I plan to finally tackle Dark Souls soon (after the Soul Sacrifice demo and Megpoid the Music#) so maybe I’ll write a review on that like I did for Demon’s Souls, but maybe not. Demon’s Souls I did more or less because I felt like it needed more exposure (not that it would get any from this blog) and Dark Souls doesn’t really have that problem. Also, I have a feeling I won’t like it as much when I’m done with it.

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