Spring 2013 Final Impressions

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t as late with this as I thought I’d be. Turns out that the final episode of Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku was last night (there was no listed episode count that I could find on Sunday), so it’s good that I waited until today to do this, I guess.


Okay, so let’s wrap this season up.

There were no carry-overs from Winter, so we’ll just jump in with the new stuff that’s finished. There are a handful of shows that I’ll continue watching into Summer.

Date A Live: Ended up being surprisingly great. I was mostly watching for the Tsunako art style, but this show really kept me entertained every week. It’s a pretty self-aware parody, but it embraces it wholeheartedly, pretty much to the point of absurdity. And the cast is great. I loved the characters and the voice work. There wasn’t really anything about this show that I didn’t like. It’s a pretty strong contender for my Show of the Season. A second season has already been announced. Bottom line: Watch it if you don’t hate harem comedies/action series. It’s one of the best ones I’ve seen.

Yuyushiki: One of my favorite shows this season. Amazing little series. Every week I’d tune in and laugh or smile so hard my face hurt. It was real treat. Sadly, the show sold very poorly, so we’ll likely not see any more of it, which is truly a shame. It also had my favorite OP this season. Bottom line: Great comedy/slice-of-life series. Give it a shot.

OreImo S2: Honestly, pretty disappointing. It wasn’t bad, but I just feel like it didn’t live up to the first season at all. According to the novel folks, they condensed the absolute hell out of everything that was left to squeeze it into this season, with the last 3 episodes covering the final volume a month from now. Sure, it had some great Kuroneko parts, but there was just significantly less of her overall. At least Kanako got some good screentime and bro scenes for once… Bottom line: If you invested time in the first season, watch it. If you haven’t started the series, it may not be worth the payoff to get invested. From the outrage I hear over the last volume, I can’t really be enthusiastic about the last three episodes…

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W: Well I knew going in that I didn’t care much for the way the first season handled itself as it went forward, and I sure wasn’t surprised when I started to feel the same way about the second season. It ended up marred by plenty of unnecessary drama and every episode felt like it was dragging. I think there were maybe two that I didn’t just wonder why I wasted my time afterward. No idea why I watched it through to the end. If there’s ever any more Nyaruko, I won’t be watching. Bottom line: Just skip the whole series. If you want some Nyaruko, watch the shorts. They’re better (especially Remember My Love(craft-sensei)). The series has just been a big disappointment in general.

Suisei no Gargantia: With Psycho-Pass, I was pretty disappointed with how Gen handled himself outside of his comfort zone. You could tell he wanted to go in a more upbeat direction with it and it’s just not his forte. Well, he seems to have ironed out the problems with that approach with this series. It’s a very positive series, especially by Urobuchi standards, and it actually works pretty well. There’s some general slowness in the middle, but it fits thematically with Urobuchi’s message: That one shouldn’t be afraid to step out into the world and follow their own path. The whole series is a learning experience for the main character about what it means to be human and to exist among other humans. It works. And unlike Psycho-Pass, I liked the ending, because it didn’t completely defy logic. Bottom line: Great series. Chamber is a total bro. Melty is hot.

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko: A surprisingly great series. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it. (I had the first manga volume, but only read it the day the anime aired.) I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it. I’d say Yui Ogura stole the show again (as she should as the main character), but holy crap, dat Azuki Azusa. So good. I love that girl. The two of them kept me watching every week to see what crazy stunts they’d pull next. Thoroughly entertaining. Bottom line: If you like harem comedies, or even if you don’t and just like regular comedies, watch this.

Aiura: Crabs and Steve Jobs. I dunno… But seriously, it was good. It’s one of those short episode series, so it’s not like there was a lot of content, but it was pretty charming. As I mentioned in my initial impressions, I really appreciated the newbie voice talent in the main trio. It added a bit of a raw and genuine sound that I haven’t heard in a while in an industry dominated by the established talent. It was refreshing. But some of that quality talent is still there, if you’re looking for it. Yukari Tamura plays a childish teacher, and she’s a riot. Bottom line: If you don’t hate these little short shows, pick this one up. It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen, but your mileage may vary. It’s not like you’d be wasting a lot of time on it, though.

Miyakawa-ke no Kuufuku: It was… okay. I had some laughs, I enjoyed the Lucky Star art, and I fanboy’d over some cameos. It was enjoyable, but nothing to write home about. Bottom line: Watch it if you’re a diehard Lucky Star fan like I am. You’ll probably get something out of it. Otherwise, don’t even come close to it. It’s clearly not for anyone else.

Jeez, that’s it? Man, I’m in trouble for Summer. I felt busy enough this season but I’m watching way more with carryovers now…

There will be no Show of the Season declaration this time because while I’m certain it’s going to be Date A Live, I’m giving Railgun S a chance to prove otherwise. I don’t think Kyojin is really going to do it for me, and those are my only two carryovers.

I’ll probably have two import posts and an initial impressions post in the next two weeks. No one cares anyway. </usualselfdeprication>

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