Gal*Gun bragging time!

No one cares, but I wanted a place to make sure this would stick around.

So the long and short of it is that God rank in Gal*Gun is supposed to be hard to get. Pretty much every source says that it’s incredibly difficult to do in Story Mode and you should try doing it in Score Attack’s All Route course or in Underwater Mode in order to get your related titles and trophies. Well, I nailed it in Story Mode. Three times. Twice on Expert, then on Beginner. You’d think Beginner might be easier, but you actually get less points from bosses, so it’s harder.

First I did it in Expert. I got it shown here right before I got to the boss. (This is the very start of the final boss fight for that route.)


Here’s my score at the chapter end. (You don’t get any points for the final boss fight, so this is what I had going in.)


I barely cleared it by 500 points going in. The requirement is 600000. You can see why it’s considered hard. It took me a lot of times through the game to be able to do this.

So here’s my score at the route clear after the final scoring session.


With a full meter going in, I was only able to get 20000 points off of the final scoring session. Most bosses give up to 50000 points in Expert, so you get much less at the end here. You’ll need a minimum of 580000 points and a full meter going into the last boss to pull off God rank.

So here’s where I got in on the next try in Expert. You’ll see my score improved even more.


And after the final scoring session.


Again, I only got about 20000 points.

So here’s where I got it in Beginner. In Beginner, you’re guaranteed no more than 40000 points per boss fight, so you’re automatically down 40000 points compared to Expert no matter what.


If it were Expert, my score would have been closer to 648000, higher than I ever scored in Expert. You’ll see I barely cleared it.

Here’s my score on the local scoreboard, showing that it was in Beginner difficulty.


The last four kana in the top right corner say “Beginner.” Biginaa.

And I have absolutely no idea how to get my scores up on the online scoreboard. I’m starting to wonder if it’s not locking out non-Japanese accounts somehow, but I honestly couldn’t say. Nothing I’ve scored gets up there. But here’s where my score would be if I could get it up.


#59. Look at how high that cursor is on the right. There are a loooooooooooooooooooot of score I’m higher than 😉 Pretty proud of myself.

Anyway, done bragging. Still working on the platinum for this game, which is why I’m playing through so many rounds of Story Mode. (It’s easiest to tweak your stats for titles in Story Mode since you can answer questions in the beginning to get them set to the values you need immediately.)


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