Fall 2013 Final Impressions (+Monogatari Second Season)

Late on this because I’m lazy around the holidays.


So there was only one carry-over this time. We’ll cover that first.

Monogatari Series Second Season: So yeah, I had already declared this one my show of the season back around the halfway point. It actually only got better in the second half. There’s rarely anything that surpasses a Monogatari series when they’re on. In fact, I can’t really think of anything that has. It’s just such a great series. Bottom line: If you’ve involved yourself in the series in the past, catch up to see this. If you haven’t seen this series, get on it. It’s one of the best things out there.

So with Summer’s Show of the Season dealt with, we’ll move on to this season’s shows (except Kill la Kill and Golden time, as they’re ongoing).

Miss Monochrome – The Animation: Sporting the most suffering per minute that I’ve seen in anime in quite some time, this is a pretty great little series of shorts. Poor Miss Monochrome can’t catch a break. It’s a super fun show, though, and hard to argue with anything that has Yui Horie in the lead (except Golden Time, more on that in the next final impressions post). It also had my favorite ED of the season. Super catchy and I had to listen to it every time. Bottom line: Being a short series, you don’t really have much to lose by sitting down to watch it. It’s worth the half-hour or so of your life.

Kyoukai no Kanata: It was… okay. With KyoAni in charge, you know you’re in for something beautiful. This was certainly the best animated show of the season. It was absolutely gorgeous. The problem is that the plot was kind of weak, the characters weren’t super interesting, and KyoAni threw in that filler they love so much. Also, the ending was God-awful. Bottom line: Watch it if you want to see a pretty show. Skip it otherwise.

Little Busters! ~Refrain~: This was a nice wrap-up to the LB story. I haven’t read the VN, but those who have seemed to think it was a bit hit or miss on adapting the content. They seemed to agree that it did a perfect job with the key scenes near the end, though. Either way, I enjoyed it. I have to say, though, the characters you come to love over the first season have little to no presence here, and that was disappointing. Bottom line: Definitely watch it if you watched the first season, but probably no reason to get into the series if you had a reason for skipping it already.

Teekyuu S3: I dunno. It’s Teekyuu. It’s the craziest two minutes of your week. Bottom line: Season 4 got announced, so they must be doing something right.

Non Non Biyori: Okay, I’m gonna be the bad guy here. This show kinda sucks. I know it’s everyone’s Fall darling and people love it soooooo much, but it’s not very good. There are much better shows than this out there in the same genre. I do notice that it’s a lot of people’s first slice-of-life show and I’m assuming that’s swaying their opinions because they’ve just been missing out on the better shows like that. The show has average art and music, the characters are pretty boring, the voice acting is just okay, and the direction is terrible. There are a ton of times where the camera just holds way too long on a single still shot and other times where you’ll spend two minutes looking at various scenery shots instead of something actually happening. The same jokes are also recycled through the whole season. I know this runs contrary to what I said in my initial impressions, but when you realize that not a damn thing changes from start to finish in the show, your opinion tends to get worse. Someone once asked if they missed anything by not watching after the first three or four episodes. I mentioned that if you had seen a certain early episode, that was literally the only thing different and the rest of the show was just more of the same. And that one episode was ruined by a camera hold that was way too long during the big emotional scene. By reading around, it turns out I wasn’t the only one laughing at it instead of being sad because of how terrible it was. I think someone said the hold was for over 40 seconds. I do seem to remember that being the case. There wasn’t a bit of animation that whole time. That’s the kind of crap this show is plagued with. Bottom line: Skip it. Go watch Tamayura or something that’s actually good.

BlazBlue – Alter Memory: Overall, it wasn’t a terrible adaptation of Continuum Shift Extend. It covered the summarized story mode for Calamity Trigger and the story for Continuum Shift. The problem it had was a lot of QUALITY animation and more filler than it needed for how much it already had to condense. The hot springs episode was absolutely terrible and I wish they had skipped it. But despite its problems, it’s a pretty good way for someone new to the series to catch up on it prior to the release of Chrono Phantasma’s English version in March. Bottom line: Probably worth watching if you want to get into the series. Might be worth checking out if you’re a series fan, but get ready to hate some of it.

No Show of the Season choice this time (it’s almost definitely going to be Kill la Kill, but I can’t commit to that yet) and so no Show of the Year as a result. Wait for the next time on those.


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