Winter 2014 Initial Impressions


Hey, look. I’m reasonably on time with this one. (I could have done it yesterday, but screw you, I was playing Eiyuu*Senki.)

Saikin, Imouto no Yousou ga Chotto Okashiin Da Ga


So this is something that I just sorta picked up after hearing about it for uhh… REASONS. Yeah. Anyway, not a bad show. Not something I would have picked up had I not heard about something that caught my interest, obviously, since I didn’t, but I’d say it was worth the time I spent on it after the fact. It wasn’t a planned watch, but it’s certainly in no danger of being dropped. It falls around… probably the upper middle of all of the stuff I’m watching this season.

Seitokai Yakuindomo *


This is one of the shows I was most excited about this season and it so far hasn’t disappointed. The first episode was amazing. I can’t figure out where this only moderately successful show pulled that kind of budget. It was insane. But so far the jokes are good and the series remains as strong as its ever been. Definitely one of my favorite comedy series.

Space * Dandy


I expected some greatness from this for sure given its pedigree, but beyond that I had no idea what to expect. I was mostly interested in the fact that this had a world premier as a dub, which I’m pretty sure has never happened before. Honestly, though, I’ve been super impressed with it. It’s had crazy animation, tons of gags, some great references, a lot of great action… It was definitely a good candidate for this little experiment, because I can see it being successful enough to justify it. Maybe we can see more in the future as a result.

Saki: Zenkoku-hen


This was the show I was most excited for this season. We haven’t seen much in the way of mahjong action yet, but we have had some showings of powers, introductions to a bunch of new characters, and we’ve had some good reintroductions to our favorite characters (Yuuki). I’m super excited about seeing the series as it goes on. So far I’ve really enjoyed seeing some of the stuff we’ve already seen from other perspectives, like the first meeting between Saki and the Achiga group. Super interesting to see from the other side. Can’t wait for more of this. Once we start getting deep into the tournament, it’s going to be incredible. Also, we get Yuuki playing in a cape. So hype.

SoniAni -Super Sonico The Animation-


So I said I might regret this one. I… haven’t quite yet, but I’m kinda close. This was the absolute most average, status quo-type show I’ve ever seen. Holy crap. Super uhh… I won’t say uninteresting, but not interesting. Yeah.┬áIf any show is in danger of being dropped, it’s this. But so far I’ve only seen one episode, so it has some time to survive. I’ll have to see if Sonico’s friends can carry the show or not, because she certainly can’t.



I was pretty impressed by this. Didn’t have a clue what to expect going in, but I laughed a lot, so I have every intention of keeping this one going. The KanaHana club president is awesome. I like the rest of the club, too. Looking forward to more in a few hours.

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren


More of the same from the first season, really, but we started out on a pretty strong note. I had the biggest damn grin on my face when we got our first chuuni battle. And man, more Dekomori with her hair down. I have to say, knowing how much of the first season was filler (Dekomori entirely), I’m looking forward to the “new” character from the novels to see what we’ve been missing out on from the original content.



Well, I like the visual style on this, but between how censored it was and how… well, slowly and uninterestingly it started, I dunno what I was really expecting but it was kind of a let down. I think I’m mostly just disappointed that as a short series, it’s probably not going to get anywhere. I’ll keep it up to see what happens from here, but yeah. Not expecting a whole lot. Just thought it was an interesting concept and I’ve never read the manga.

Mahou Sensou


I’m surprised at how generic this show really was. Like, it couldn’t possibly be any more generic, at least from the first episode. But having said that, it actually wasn’t bad. I like a lot of the voice cast, the characters aren’t terrible, the concept is interesting, and the animation and fights are actually pretty good. There’s some real potential here if it can break out of the generic start. And it actually ended in a place that it very well could. I don’t know anything about the series (I think it’s based on an LN?), but I assume there’s some lasting value to it if it got an anime.

Sakura Trick


Yo. This show. It’s umm… Yo. Hawt. But also funny and cute. So I’m really enjoying it. I think this will end up as one of my top shows this season. For one thing, it’s been a while since we’ve had a real yuri show. For another, I always appreciate a cute series with silly characters and some great gags (dat veranda). It’s definitely one of the shows I’m most looking forward to every week so far. Probably top 3 in terms of excitement. And I’m surprised that it’s a show that’s as visually stunning as it is. Definitely one of the better animated shows this season. I want to gush a little more on this one, but I can’t think of anything to say off the top of my head. I’m super happy about this one, though. It turned out well from the first episode.

Go! Go! 575


This took a while to get subbed, but it’s a little short series, so it’s not like I’m missing a whole lot of content by it being late. I did enjoy what I saw of the characters here. This looks like it could be a fun little short series. I did pre-order the Vita game, so that should be in my hands a month or so from now. This is getting me pretty interested in that (not that I wasn’t before, but my excitement is ramping up with some more character exposure), so I’m glad this is a thing. I’m also looking forward to the blonde girl that I can only assume is exclusive to this, so that’ll be a new little thing.

Wake Up, Girls!


I’m super glad this exists. The movie was great (pantsu) and had some great animation and a good song. The song became the OP for the series, which is, so far, just as good as the movie. I really like most of the characters (the “talented” one kinda irks me for now) and I already have two that I can’t decide between for my favorite. I like how everything’s played out so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next in the saga of these girls. I love idol shows anyway, but this one’s great. I can see this one having as much potential and popularity as iM@S and Love Live. The initial reception in Japan was crazy.

Sekai Seifuku ~Bouryaku no Zvezda~


I see a lot of potential in this original series. One complaint people have had about it is that the main character seems to be the loser runaway kid (the one wearing all black in the picture) and not the world-conquering loli. I guess that’s fine, but my biggest complaint about the characters is that there was one who got only a little bit of screen time but left a pretty big impression. Unfortunately she seems to be on the opposing team, so now I have to pick sides between the awesome main cast and the character I might like. I look forward to more from this series, though. I do like original series.

Wizard Barristers ~ Benmashi Cecil


This show was pretty interesting and had some great animation and stuff, but it just felt all over the place while it was trying to establish itself. It has a lot of potential (this is an original, right?) but it needs to get settled first. I really like the art style, though. Definitely looking forward to more. I like the way wizards are portrayed here and I like the idea of them having a separate legal system with dedicated wizard attorneys. It’s a cool concept.

I haven’t dropped anything yet, at least.

Can’t really think of anything that I could post about before the end of the season unless I do another game review (or maybe do one retroactively, like… Date A Live possibly hint hint if I ever feel like sitting down to do it), so it’ll be the usual import stuff for a while. (I have a book coming. No games for a month or so.)

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