The big box

Well, a big box from AmiAmi and a smaller box from eBay.


So here we see the long-awaited Strength Figma from Black Rock Shooter TV, which has been delayed multiple times and I pre-ordered in July last year. I also picked up the 7th volume of the Neptunia anime which came with a full-sized Neptune Nendoroid, as well as the new Ro-Kyu-Bu game. The G4U 9 came in from eBay and…


It was the last one! Yay. I now own 17 iM@S games.


That’s every region-free iM@S game. I also get to do this:


Putting that art box to use, finally.


So here’s the Neptune set. Art box (great quality), magazine insert, and the “purple ray” box. (Neptune logo instead of a BD logo.)


This is the back of the art box. The same text scrolls through the blu-ray menu background. I’m surprised at how perfect the English and romanization is. I’m wondering if they partnered up with someone for it and whether or not it’s indicative of a planned English release.


Here’s the stuff included in G4U 9.

That’s it for now. Initial impressions coming… soon. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. I finished my last premiere on Saturday, but I haven’t had time to follow up yet.

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