Winter 2015 Initial Impressions


There’s still one thing left to watch (Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika), but it doesn’t start until February and it’s a short, so I won’t be wasting time waiting to cover it.

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata


This one shows a lot of potential. The first episode (which is actually episode 0, apparently) hit all the right notes with me. It was funny, it was clever, it put emphasis on characterd introductions and development without being boring, and it wasn’t shy about the fanservice. I would easily put it among the best first episodes of the season so far, so I’m excited for more of it.

The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls


And here comes my blatant bias, but I loved it. I can’t say that I care much for Rin, and she took up most of the first episode and will be a driving force for the series, but Uzuki kind of made up for it. The new producer is great. He’s pretty much the opposite of ol’ Broducer from the main series. I think he’s a great kind of character to have for a series like this. Honest, awkward, and a bit intimidating to everyone around him as a hilarious contrast to all of the cute girls. And the animation was pretty great, too. I’m pretty excited for more of this.

The Rolling Girls


This was a really odd little show. I’m not quite sure what to make of it yet, but I did enjoy what I saw. It’s got a weird concept and some out there character, but the animation is spectacular, it’s got a fun mood, and I’m sure I’m in for plenty of surprises.

Durarara!!x2 Shou


I had no idea how much I liked this series until it started back up. I seem to remember the first season being good, but not spectacular when I watched it. When I sat down to watch this, it was like reconnecting with an old friend. Everything just felt right and I really enjoyed myself. I’d say this was my favorite first episode of the season and I’m really excited for more. I couldn’t be happier that there are still two seasons planned after this one.

Aldnoah.Zero S2


I’m not particularly happy with the way this one started off after the way the first half ended, but I’m certainly not opposed to getting back into winning fights with weird physics applications. It’s a cool point of the series to do something different like that and I honestly missed the creative applications here.

Dog Days”


Not a particularly strong start to the season and I’m afraid that they’re going in a direction that could bog the series down with drama like the first season, which was really bad and almost ruined it. I’d prefer it if they kept it like the second season and just had it be an enjoyable romp through the world with the fun characters. I think that works a lot better for what this series is trying to be. But it was a good episode and I could really tell that I missed this series. I’m glad it’s back.

Kantai Collection


This was honestly not great. At all. It was pretty boring with too much focus on the port town school that is probably going to have little to no relevance other than being a school/base thing and the CG was kind of awkward and very prevalent. It sort of brings back memories of when they first showed this show off and everyone just said “Is it going to be all CG? I hope not, it looks weird.” It still looks weird. I’m hoping they kind of find some direction for the series. At this point, it’s obviously written for the people who play the game, but it’s so exclusive that no one else could probably get into it.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes TD


As far as series coming back goes, this one was one that everyone had high hopes for. It’s certainly back in the realm of S1/S2, but there’s the incorporation of Futari that’s kind of bogging it down. With the same characters came a similar tone, I guess. After seeing two episodes of it so far, it seems to be working its way back a bit slowly, but I think the potential to match the first couple of seasons is still there.

Koufuku Graffiti


Boy, this was a thing. I have never been so interested in watching someone eat. Thanks, Shaft. Putting the fanservice aside, it’s a cute show with a cute cast. I want a Kirin for my own house. She’s adorable. I don’t expect this to be particularly deep, but it’s still fun to watch and that’s really all I can ask for.

Lawdy, is it.

Lawdy, is it.

So that’s it for this season’s initial impressions, but since they released all of Tsukimonogatari at once, I may as well cover it too, while I’m at it.



While not as good as some of the more recent arcs in the series, Tsuki was a pretty good watch nonetheless. I’d expect nothing less from this series, honestly. They picked some good characters to be the focus. And there was a lot of sister service. A LOT. And it was just fine. I like that they keep putting out one or two of these little four episode deals every year, but I’m frustrated that they can keep that pace and somehow never finish Kizu. I’m not expecting the best quality in the world. I just want it done.

And that’s it for a while, probably. I’ll have more imports and such, but I don’t think there’ll be anything else until the final impressions and the watch list for the next season.

Oh, except fuck Pony Canyon. I wanted to buy Yuuki Yuuna, but your pricing structure is retarded. Remember what market you’re selling to, jackasses.

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