“Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2″ Review


Okay, so I’m long overdue for this given that it’s been weeks since I finished it (I’m playing Hyperdevotion Noire now), but I want to keep a review up here for every Neptunia game, so better late than never. It’s probably going to be a much simpler review than I’ve been doing, though.

Gameplay: 10/10 – No complaints here. They’ve got this down to a science now. Being based on the Victory system instead of the original mk2 system has really helped this game out. mk2’s original system was a huge improvement over the original game’s, but it was really restrictive in a lot of ways, especially around how your combos and finishers worked, as well as the way that HDD worked. The game feels a lot more forgiving in that way now by comparison, and I’ve appreciated that freedom of control in your actions that the series has offered since Victory. If you want more detail on how I feel about the combat, check some older reviews. The remake system returns here and comes with the same benefits and flaws. One of my biggest problems was that the game required you to do New Game+ in order to unlock several optional dungeons. I won’t say it’s a flaw, just a gripe. Ultimately, if you want the platinum trophy for the game, you’ve got the same problem as the first Re;Birth game in that you need to play through the game twice anyway to have enough memory to add all of the unlockable characters. Unlike the first game, those characters are only available at the end of the game on the True End route in this game. As far as the plot goes, the game has been changed just a smidge. Broccoli takes Gust’s place in the story and Red takes the place of Nisa. This is pretty great for me since Red is my favorite Maker in the series and was completely MIA after her one and only appearance as a DLC character in the first game. It was great to have her back and she was a staple of my party for as long as it was feasible. Unfortunately, as always, the Makers tend to get left behind by the CPUs. I hear this is fixed in Re;Birth3, so I’m pretty excited for that later this year. It’s nothing new at this point, though, so no deductions. Additionally, the story is the same in this game as in the original, which was not the case for Re;Birth1, so I have no complaints about unwelcome changes. IFI adds a new translation here, which is quite welcome and very good. Also worth mentioning is that there’s a new ending that can help save you from the Conquest ending if you end up on that path. Because really, fuck the Conquest ending. Fuck it hard.

Graphics: 9/10 – I’m going to have to give the same score as Re;Birth1 here. The game looks great, but as a Vita port, it’s still got the same issues with draw distance and texture resolution. I love the game with the sprites during dialogue scenes, though. The 3D models in the original had a lot of problems and I did quite a bit of complaining about it back then. Everything looks good here in the dialogue scenes. Some flashy new 3D cut scenes help make the game look great, too.

Sound: 10/10 – Not a lot to say here that hasn’t been said about previous games. The soundtrack for this game is great and the voice cast has done excellent work in both tracks. It’s worth noting, at least as best as I can remember and tell, that IFI seems to have dubbed more of this game than NISA dubbed for mk2. At the very least, I can confirm that all major plot scenarios seem to be voiced from what I remember after finishing the game, and comparing some video of the same scene in both games has shown that more than a few weren’t dubbed in mk2.

Overall: 9.7/10 – Some glaring but ultimately uncontrollable issues with the graphics aside, there’s not really much wrong with this game. It’s still got some really annoying pieces to it, like the damn Conquest ending, but it’s a great game with some fun characters, a focused plot (or at least as focused as this series gets), and a fun battle system.


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