So, I know this one’s been announced for English. Bit of a miscalculation on my part.

See, everyone was getting worried about the game because IFI had always stuck to a pretty similar release schedule to the Japanese games, but here we were with Blanc’s game about to come out and not a single word about this one despite it coming out only a month after Blanc’s in Japan. People had been worried for a while that the game may not make it over due to a conflict in the SHG property being owned by Sega. So I checked online to see what the going price for the game was. Turned out that it was pretty deeply discounted at AmiAmi. I think around 60% off for the base game and 45% off for the LE. So I ordered the LE, which also came with the pre-order bonus since they still had some in stock. Then they charged me that night, I paid, and the next morning it was shipped out. And then literally only a few hours after they shipped it, IFI announced the title for the west.


Oh well. I only paid like $50 total, including the shipping, and I got some stuff that the English LE won’t have.

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