“MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies” Review


Last for the new entries is a review of the most recently western-released game in the series.

Gameplay: 8/10 – This game is the successor to Nep U, so I’ll be rating it fairly similarly. As with that game, the gameplay is similar to the more musou-type of Senran Kagura games, being made by the same developer (Tamsoft). Major changes to this game compared to Nep U include rebalancing of combos (significantly less spamming, so gameplay becomes more skill-based, no more incredibly broken characters like Uni was, except that she’s still kinda broken anyway),┬ánew large bosses that give a bit of a more Phantasy Star Online kind of feel (including the hunt for rare drops), and the introduction of a multiplayer mode with ad-hoc and online play. All characters from Nep U, including Dengekiko and Famitsu, return as playables. New characters have been added as well, including returning CPUs Plutia, Peashy, and Uzume, as well as newcomer to the series Tamsoft. Unfortunately, lily rank dialogues have been removed, as have clothing breaks, though you can still get the pre-destroyed outfits as costumes. The game also features more customization than the original with a wider variety of equippable items and a patch system that allows you to choose which stats you want to boost and by how much within a set point limit. The plot is a little better than Nep U, but it’s still little more than a way to dress up throwing you into the single-player maps. Sadly, there’s also no real post-game content like there was in Nep U with the character vs. character battles or the tower. On the other hand, the multiplayer maps are playable in single player (difficulty adjusts to the number of players) and contain a rather significant number of maps, including some that are only available on specific days, but there’s not really any story to speak of save for one quick scene when you start multiplayer for the first time and one after you’ve killed every boss. Nep U delivered better on this front with the IF/Compa/Warechu scenes. An overall improvement and a fun game, but it still falls short in a few areas.

Graphics: 9/10 – Pretty much the same as Nep U. Some superficial improvements include a large variety of outfits (mostly variations of a school uniform and original outfits) and an accessory system that allows you to customize the appearance of your CPU with things like glasses and hairpins.

Sound: 7/10 – The game slipped here compared to Nep U. I won’t deduct points for it as it doesn’t affect a Japanese voice playthrough, but the dub fell through with some optional scenes still being in Japanese even with voices set to English. The new music tracks aren’t as good as the ones in Nep U, most of which have disappeared in this game. It’s a good effort, but it’s just not as good.

Overall: 8/10 – I hate to give this game an overall lower score. It’s really a solid improvement on Nep U in a lot of ways, but it’s lost a lot of the charm of that game in its attempt to transition to a new setting and implement a multiplayer mode. It’s still pretty good and if you liked Nep U then I would definitely recommend checking it out. I simply hope that the next game brings back some of the better points of Nep U that were lost to the chopping block in this entry.

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