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“MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies” Review

September 26, 2016


Last for the new entries is a review of the most recently western-released game in the series.


“Megadimension Neptunia VII” Review

September 26, 2016


Next up is the most recent main entry in the series and first entry on PS4.


“Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3” Review

September 26, 2016


Been a while since I’ve done a review. Gonna try to stay on top of these now.


Platinum Aidoru

August 26, 2016

Took almost a month to the day to get this in. Mail speed sucks.


The lewdest princess

August 1, 2016

More lewd girls for my collection.


And she came with a gift for the game she’s from.



April 30, 2016


So, I know this one’s been announced for English. Bit of a miscalculation on my part.

See, everyone was getting worried about the game because IFI had always stuck to a pretty similar release schedule to the Japanese games, but here we were with Blanc’s game about to come out and not a single word about this one despite it coming out only a month after Blanc’s in Japan. People had been worried for a while that the game may not make it over due to a conflict in the SHG property being owned by Sega. So I checked online to see what the going price for the game was. Turned out that it was pretty deeply discounted at AmiAmi. I think around 60% off for the base game and 45% off for the LE. So I ordered the LE, which also came with the pre-order bonus since they still had some in stock. Then they charged me that night, I paid, and the next morning it was shipped out. And then literally only a few hours after they shipped it, IFI announced the title for the west.


Oh well. I only paid like $50 total, including the shipping, and I got some stuff that the English LE won’t have.

DOAX3 is in

March 29, 2016




I don’t even really like this series

March 21, 2016



I just really like Kanako.



Is the order an import?

March 19, 2016

lol no one has ever made that joke i bet


Last G4U for a while

March 15, 2016

And some figures.