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Support the localization of the Umineko PS3 port!

September 25, 2010

You can do so at both of these publisher forums:

Aksys Games:

You can also show your support at the localization effort’s Facebook group:

I highly recommend showing your support at the NISA forum, as it’s become a huge movement there and registering for an account takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is vote that you’d like to see the game in the thread’s poll, but making a post wouldn’t hurt either. People are also working on making a strong argument for why it’s a financially sound idea for NISA to localize it, so if you have any good ideas that haven’t been mentioned in the thread, be sure to share them.

And while you’re there, why not voice your support for Toradora Portable? :3

Higurashi “Matsuribayashi-hen” Impressions

July 20, 2010


So after waiting a few days on patches, I finished up Higurashi Kai with the final arc, Matsuribayashi. And as usual, I didn’t buy it because the price point was too high. I used someone else’s copy. Now we move on to the usual discussion of the arc, including MangaGamer’s handling of it.


Higurashi: Matsuribayashi-hen is available for purchase

July 14, 2010

The usual. Not buying, too expensive (though they’ve dropped their prices a bit recently, this arc is still the usual price), will play someone else’s copy, expect a review after I read it which will be after patches come out.

Oh, and this is the final Kai arc, so everything by 07th Expansion except two arcs of Higurashi Rei is translated now. I’m hoping MG will pick up Rei and do the last two arcs as well, or that maybe the GameFAQs team that was working with Witch-Hunt on the Umineko Ep6 patch decides to pick it up. *Wink wink hint hint*

Higurashi “Minagoroshi-hen” Impressions

June 26, 2010


I actually finished reading this a couple of days ago, but I decided to put some priority on other things. I guess I don’t love my occasional reader as much as I really freaking wanted to play a damn video game for once. Damn near burned myself out on VNs thanks to Fate/stay night.

Anyway, as usual, I didn’t buy it. Too expensive for my tastes. I used someone else’s copy.


Higurashi: Minagoroshi-hen is available for purchase

May 30, 2010

And again, not buying, too expensive for the missing content, etc. Impressions after I read it, blah blah, but I have to finish Fate/stay night first and I dunno when that will be.

Higurashi “Tsumihoroboshi-hen” (& first anime series) Impressions

May 2, 2010


As usual, I didn’t buy it, I just used someone else’s copy. I’m not paying the ridiculous price MG is asking for it. So yeah, some bonus content this time as I comment on the first anime series as well, since the two match up to this point in the VN release.


Higurashi: Tsumihoroboshi-hen is available for purchase

April 14, 2010

As usual, I won’t be buying given the high price tag and I’ll be using someone else’s copy. As good as Higurashi is and as much improvement as MangaGamer has made with their translation, it’s a hefty price tag for the amount of content, especially since they’re altering the soundtrack.

Anyway, as before, impressions will follow after I read it. I’ll be waiting on patches first.

Higurashi “Meakashi-hen” Impressions

March 10, 2010


So I finally read MangaGamer’s translation of Meakashi. I didn’t buy it myself (I find the price to be outrageous) so I used someone else’s copy. Just like last time, I patched it. Unfortunately, most of the patches haven’t made their way to the wiki yet and I don’t have links, so I can’t pass them around this time. You may find them with some Google effort, though.


Higurashi: Meakashi-hen is available for purchase

February 27, 2010

I won’t be buying it given the ridiculous price, so I’ll simply be reading someone else’s copy. Anyway, know you know, and knowing is half the battle, etc.

MangaGamer to release Higurashi Kai episodically

January 30, 2010

From their main page:

“The information of the first answer arc of “Higurashi When They Cry”,
“Higurashi When They Cry Kai: Meakashi” is up!
We are planning to release each of the remaining chapters every month!”

As of this post, information is actually not available yet. However, this announcement serves to describe their future method of release for Kai.

I’m kinda ticked that they decided to split it up like this, but I guess it was too much to ask to get all of Kai done before February. A four-month release schedule seems a bit much, though. Hopefully, this will at least give them time to fix all of the glaring spelling and grammar errors of their first Higurashi release.

UPDATE: Info is up now.