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My third con experience

September 28, 2014

So AWA 2014 ends today, the 20th anniversary of the con.

I took it pretty slow. Didn’t do a whole lot this year.

The first day was just the opening ceremony and the Touhou panel. I thought about getting HachiojiP’s autograph and then waiting out the Love Live panel, but they were so much later that I really didn’t feel like sticking around for something my heart wasn’t in.

For the second day, I showed up and skipped the iM@S panel because it cut into what I really wanted to do: Industry panels. I had never done those before, so I went to Crunchy’s and then Funi’s (which overlapped with the other Touhou panel). I could have gone to Home Made Kazoku’s concert after that, but again, it ran late and I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

The third day, I showed up early to get a good place in line for the Vocaloid show, which was basically the same one they did last year with a new intro (in which Miku congratulated AWA on 20 years and said she hopes to be there for 20 more herself, so hopefully AWA will keep inviting that group back for concerts). After that, I stayed for the VA roundtable immediately after and then pre-purchased a 2015 pass and headed home.

So here’s what I ended up with on the loot front:


And we’ll break that down into some smaller pics.


So first up is the AWA shirt. Sadly, neither this nor anything else they seemed to be selling featured any of the super cute art that was plastered all over the welcome banner or any of the staff booths. Super sad. I like the shirt, but I really wanted something with that art and they just weren’t selling it. It wasn’t even on the year’s booklet. Anyway, also got a Crunchyroll shirt at their booth just for having a premium membership and logging in to it.

You can also see three wallscrolls here. The two in the back were from the Sentai/Section23 booth and are old ADV stuff.



Apparently they just couldn’t get rid of them, so they were sitting in boxes labeled “FREE! TAKE ONE!”. So I did.

The other wallscroll is from ChinAnime, and is one that I passed up on last year. It was the last one they had in stock this year.


I love it, but I just wasn’t ready to put the cash down on it last year.

As for the rest of it…


Starting from the top left, there’s a Noir metal lunch tin (also free at the Sentai/Section23 booth), three stickers from Crunchy’s booth (logo, Crunchyroll-hime, and Miss Monochrome), three Nendoroid Petits (two iM@S and one Cinderella Girls), one other trading figure (Cinderella Girls), a pack of two small Love Live posters (wish I had bought more of these), Touhou 12.8 (somehow reasonably priced at $15 at Kinokuniya’s booth), a pack of Love Live Weiss Schwarz cards (in which was a holographic Nico <3), and three art books (Ro-Kyu-Bu, Strike Witches, and Love Live).


These are the two Love Live posters I got. Nozomi and Maki. I love the Maki one. Shame that I didn’t get a Nico.


And these are the figures I ended up with. Makoto, Iori, Uzuki, and Mika. Like last year, nothing is unpacked yet because while I’ve moved, everything is still in boxes until I can get some shelving up. Once I unpack, I’ll have everything put in place properly, and I’ll probably have a picture of the setup.

So nothing exciting this year, but I had fun. Planning to return next year. I also thought about going to Momocon, which is right down the road from where I work, but I decided that it probably wasn’t quite as specific to my tastes as I’d like. Maybe some other year.

My second con experience

September 30, 2013

After skipping AWA last year from what I thought was a very light and generally bad event schedule (the only two things I really wanted to do were at the same time on the same day and two days basically had nothing going on for me), I went back this year. I had to. After all, ZUN was there.

Yes, ZUN’s first appearance outside the country and his first at any convention (or so I was told by staff) was at AWA this year, not even an hour’s drive from my house. Sadly, I didn’t get to see his panel. I had been stuck in the back of the line for Yuu Asakawa’s autograph (the only autograph I got this year) and we had run over the time. I stopped to get a drink and when I got to the ZUN line, it was 35 minutes before the start of the panel and security was (rather rudely, which I later found out wasn’t just my experience) turning people away. It sucked pretty hard. After all, he was the reason I wanted to go so much. I did manage to catch his other two panels, though they weren’t the same, content-wise, as the one I really wanted to go to. It was very interesting. I’m hoping a recording of his panel shows up on YouTube at some point. There were apparently some super interesting questions. I later found out that according to ZUN, canon of all previous games doesn’t matter once the new one comes out. Thought that was interesting. And I guess it matches his stance on PC-98’s canon.

Speaking of Touhou, I attended the Touhou fan panel this year. Lots of fun. The host was in front of me for the final panel for the Japanese guests and apparently he thinks his panels suck, but hey, I liked it. I just regret not going in 2011, but it was kind of early for me to get up and drive all the way to the con. I sat next to a Meiling that I think might have actually been the one in the 2011 con post, though I didn’t realize that until last night. I wonder if it actually was her…

Beyond that, I mostly just did a lot of shopping. Here’s everything I snagged:

As with last time, I picked up a Taiga figure. Two, actually. So now I have four Toradora figures, three of which are Taiga. Also, you may (or may not) notice that pack of Toradora cards for Precious Memories. Bought ’em just to have ’em.

And here are the trading figures I got. (None opened for display this year because I don’t have room for anything in my house, so they all went back into the box until I can find room for them.)

And yes, that is Tenshi on the AWA 2013 shirt, and yes, that is ZUN’s name on it (not signature, though, just printed name). He designed the shirt for this year and put Tenshi on it because of the peach on her hat. It’s considered official Touhou merchandise. (ZUN’s autograph policy is to only sign official Touhou merchandise and we were told that the shirts do count.)

I’m a little upset that the prices for the con seem to be going up next year. Pre-reg for next year at the con is normally $20, but it was $35 this year. Either costs are going up all the way around next year or they’re just narrowing the margins for the price difference to keep profit up. I’m not sure. Either way, I’m paid up and I look forward to next year.

My first con experience

October 5, 2011

So the reason I couldn’t really get around to the final impressions this weekend was that I finally went to my very first anime convention: Anime Weekend Atlanta.

I love every minute of it. It was all new and exciting. Seeing cosplayers running around, playing games I’d never played before, looking around at all of the awesome stuff in the Dealer’s Room, buying some of the awesome stuff in the Dealer’s Room, checking out panels, getting autographs and photos with some of my all-time favorite VAs… I felt like there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do everything I wanted to. As a matter of fact, I already miss it. Each day since it’s been over, I’ve had the thought cross my mind that there was something to do at AWA that I wish I could still do right now. I keep looking back at the pictures I took and wishing it was already September of next year.

Anyway, not gonna ramble on forever about how much I enjoyed it. I’ll just post a few pictures and let it be until next year.

First up, autographs. I got autographs from both Vic Mignogna and Brina Palencia. Vic signed my copy of Disgaea 3, where he voiced the main character, Mao.

I also got Brina to autograph the inside cover art for Evangelion 1.01, where she voiced Rei Ayanami.

And here’s all the junk I ended up getting.

And here’s a better shot of the figures.

And here are the trading figures I ended up with after I opened the boxes.

I’m really impressed with that Petit Nendoroid Yuno. I’m gonna have to pick up some more Petit Nendoroids at those kinds of prices. I also really love that little Miya (Amagami) with the cat ears and tail.

Now of course the crown jewels of my selection are the Toradora figures. I don’t have a good photo of those yet because I don’t really have anywhere to put them, but I’m really happy that I finally have a Taiga figure.

So here’s the breakdown on cost for all of that stuff:
– Vocaloid wallscrolls: $15 x 3
– AWA 2011 shirt: $20
– shirt: Cheap as free
– Railgun figure (Gym outfit Mikoto): $7
– Ika Musume figure (Nagisa): $10
– Amagami figure (Miya): $13
– Nanoha figure (Yuno): $10
– K-ON! figure (Mugi): $13
– Fumoffu figure (Ren, student council secretary): $10
– Toradora figures: $75 for the pair
– Factory sealed copy of Arcana Heart (PS2) and the satisfaction that I no longer have to regret not buying it when it came out: $35

Total swag cost: $238

Addtional con costs:
– Pre-reg pass (late): $40
– Gas for three round trips: $40

Total con cost: $318

That’s about what I expected to spend. I’ve already pre-registered for next year for $20, and I expect to spend a lot more then. I’ll probably be trying to flesh out my figure collection with some Touhou and Vocaloid items, as well as possibly picking up some more Toradora. Hell, if I haven’t bought it by then, I may try to pick up the upcoming Taiga Nendoroid while I’m there, once I can see it in person.

Anyway, it was definitely a fun experience and I look forward to going back. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to catch the Touhou meetup when it happens instead of at the tail end when they’re shooting group photos…

P.S. If you’re in this photo and you object to me posting a crappy cell-phone picture of you where I can’t even really make out your face and you’re already in disguise, just… lemme know or something. Whatever. I’m sure no one cares or even reads this.