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I’m one of the lucky ones

September 4, 2014

Or one of the “assholes,” depending on who you ask.


Feels good. Also, now I can do this.


And I got my Love Live set in, even if later than expected.


“Hyperdimension Neptunia PP” Review

August 1, 2014


Okay, so I went like two months without posting this thing after I said I would. No, it did not take me that long to play through the game. Yes, I completely forgot.

So this is the second time that I’ve cleared the game. Once in Japanese and again in English after it was surprisingly announced for localization. (More idol games, please. Somebody. Anybody.) I think I’ve spent enough time with this game to have some valid opinions on it, so let’s get rolling on how it turned out.


Toradora blu-ray dubbed re-release

March 12, 2014

So does anyone remember when I started this blog and then like a month and a half later the series got licensed and I got super excited but was disappointed because it was sub only? No? Oh, right, no one reads this.


“Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory” Review

April 12, 2013


Well, it’s here. Victory. Anyone who remembers my mk2 review (no one remembers because no one reads this) will know that I had great expectations and high hopes for this game. Did it live up to them? Well…


“Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2” Review

April 17, 2012


Fortunately, the second game got a lot less crap than the first, so I don’t feel like I need to defend it as much. Even so, there are people who refuse to touch it based on the way it looks. For shame, you people.


“Hyperdimension Neptunia” Review

April 11, 2011


There have been a lot of opinions flying around about this game, some positive, some negative. Time to throw my hat into the ring and take a stab at discussing how I felt about the game.


Support the localization of the Umineko PS3 port!

September 25, 2010

You can do so at both of these publisher forums:

Aksys Games:

You can also show your support at the localization effort’s Facebook group:

I highly recommend showing your support at the NISA forum, as it’s become a huge movement there and registering for an account takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is vote that you’d like to see the game in the thread’s poll, but making a post wouldn’t hurt either. People are also working on making a strong argument for why it’s a financially sound idea for NISA to localize it, so if you have any good ideas that haven’t been mentioned in the thread, be sure to share them.

And while you’re there, why not voice your support for Toradora Portable? :3

I pre-ordered it

March 22, 2010

But this is the only sub-only series I’m going to support. Ever. You hear me, NISA? You better shape up further down the line if you want my anime money.

Anyway, for anyone that didn’t hear, pre-orders are up for Toradora and Persona premium editions. The price is $47.99 (US) and each one includes the first half of the series (two discs) and a hard-cover art book (30-40 pages, full color). If you pre-order at NISA’s Rosenqueen store, you get a double-sided poster (Toradora on one side and Persona on the other). Each series has a different double-sided poster. I’ll warn everyone that shipping was pretty pricey at Rosenqueen. It was $13 for me for just the premium box. I opted to buy from Right Stuf instead since adding $1.01 to the order scored me free shipping (and there was no tax for me, either). I had another DVD set and a book I wanted anyway.

Oh, and I finally read Narcissu, The Dandelion Girl, and Katawa Shoujo and I’ll be reading Ever17 this week, hopefully. Making decent progress on the VN front, finally. Also tore through the Higurashi manga’s official release (the first three question arcs) after I read Meakashi and I’ve been keeping up with my anime. Expect final impressions for part of the Winter season later this week after Ookami Kakushi is over and the rest of the season the week after. By then, the Spring season will have started, so expect some initial impressions not too long after.

NISA speaks on ANNCast about their anime plans

February 19, 2010

NISA spoke to ANN about their plans for anime now that they’re in the market. You can listen to the whole interview at ANN, so I’ll cover a few key points that I found important to me.

– DVDs will start with a limited print run to test the market.
– There are plans for bonus/collector’s items with DVDs, but no specifics yet.
– No dubs immediately, but dubs are a possibility in the future.
– Apparently there was no competition for their titles, including Toradora.
– They are very aware that people are automatically turning down purchases with no dubs.
– Someone asked them to license hentai. Oddly enough, they said “not at this moment” >.>;
– No plans to rescue the Disgaea anime license at the moment, but maybe if another Disgaea anime is made.
– Releases will be half-season quarterly.
– MSRP for a half-season release is $59 (standard).

Now generally, I don’t buy sub-only releases. I refuse to support them. However, I will make an exception for the third time for Toradora. (The first was the Lucky Star OVA since I already had the rest of Lucky Star on DVD and the second was .hack//G.U. Trilogy since I buy all North American released .hack games/manga/anime/novels.) This will be the first time I support a sub-only release for something I’m not already collecting. However, I want to see the series do well and I’m very interested in the items they package with the releases.

I found it interesting that there was no competition for the license on Toradora. I know that FUNimation gets first pass at licensing and I can understand that they may have decided to (stupidly) pass it over. But I find it hard to believe that a series as popular as Toradora had such little competition that a brand new company was able to just waltz in and pick it up. Doesn’t make much sense, but whatever. At least someone picked it up. Hopefully that means we’ll see some good merchandise stateside and I’ll finally be able to watch the last three Toradora SOS specials with a translation.

I’m glad that they’re following the new (smart) standard of half-season releases. I’m also glad they’re doing it quarterly, meaning there’s only a three-month wait between them. I’ll probably forgo watching the first half for three months so that I can marathon the whole series at once. The price point for these releases will be $59 MSRP. This is standard. Don’t get too crazy over it. For comparison, here’s the first half of Negima!?:

As you can see, the MSRP is $59.98. However, the actual price is $44.99. This is what DVDs are usually sold for in stores. Additionally, sales can place them even lower, such as the new DBZ release:

Note the sale price of $35.99 for a DVD set that just released three days ago. If the DVDs (and their versions with bonus items, assuming they’re not the same release) are available outside of just NISA’s Rosenqueen store, you’re not going to be paying the full MSRP. Even if it is just in Rosenqueen’s store, paying full MSRP may not necessarily be the case. We’re in untested waters due to NISA’s first venture into anime releases.

Anyway, I’m disappointed that there’s no dub, but I’m optimistic about the rest. I plan to make this one of the few sub-only releases I’ll ever buy simply because of my love of the series. If any more news comes up, I’ll probably have something to say about it.

For now, please remember to support the localization of Toradora Portable! for PSP (check the sidebar from the main page or the individual article). Even one post will help draw attention to the game and the more interest there appears to be, the more likely NISA (or anyone, really) will be to pick it up and translated it.

Show your support for Toradora Portable!

February 12, 2010

With a game publisher (NIS America) licensing the anime, it’s a bit of a long shot and it will likely depend on the success of both the Toradora! anime and their first major visual novel release (Disgaea Infinite), but I’d say localization is no longer as far out of the question as it used to be.

I’ve already made a request for localization on their forum in the “Game Request” section, so show your support! Tell your friends and as many Toradora fans as possible, even if you don’t have a PSP. This is a rare opportunity, after all.

Registering for a forum account is free at the above link. If you want to see this game localized, now’s your chance to help!