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Summer 2010 (+Night Raid, Heroman, Maid-sama, Rainbow, K-ON!!, & Bonus Round) Final Impressions

October 2, 2010

A bit of a delay on this one because CoalGuy’s K-ON!! subs started drifting further and further from the air date the longer the season went on, but I’m finally finished with the Spring season and all of the Summer series that have ended. I’m also done with most of Winter (Katanagatari is still ongoing due to its airing schedule) now that Night Raid has been finished as well.


Summer 2010 Initial Impressions

July 12, 2010

Updated Summer chart, courtesy of Chartfag.

Now that Asobi ni Iku Yo! has aired, I’m all set on what I’m watching this season (except that I may or may not be starting Strike Witches 2 later this week if I watch the first season, but that remains to be seen).


Summer 2010 Chart is out

May 19, 2010

Courtesy of Chartfag, as usual.

Summer’s looking pretty bleak. There doesn’t seem to be much to watch, and Spring has been so damn awesome that I’m definitely going to be disappointed in comparison. I also haven’t really heard of much being hyped for this season, so I’m not expecting a lot.

Highschool of the Dead – This one’s been hyped up a good bit. I don’t know much about it, but it looks like it could be pretty good and I hear it’s basically a horror flick in anime form, or something along those lines. I almost feel like I have to check it out.

Seikimatsu Occult Academy – The third Anime no Chikara project. I’ve enjoyed the first two and original anime is always welcome.

Amagami SS – Believe it or not, literally minutes before studying the chart, I saw this PS2 VN on VNDB and was disappointed that there was no PC version or translation. Good to know there’s going to be an anime adaptation, so I’ll definitely be checking it out now.

Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – I’ve had an eye on this since I saw the trailer a while back. Checking it out ’cause it looks nice, but I don’t know anything about the series.

I may check out Asobi ni Iku Yo! and Seitokai Yakuindomo if only ’cause the premises don’t sound too boring and I like the promo art in the chart. I just opted to watch these on a whim though and I’ve heard literally nothing about them before now.

There are also a lot of sequels I’d watch if I had actually gotten around to the first seasons by now, like Sengoku Basara or Strike Witches. All in due time, I guess.

I guess we’ll see how much I end up watching this season. There isn’t exactly a lot to choose from, but I definitely won’t end up watching as much as I am this season. There’s no way I’ll start up 12 new series like I did this season since there are only 13 that aren’t sequels to something I haven’t watched and I know I’m not watching at least a handful of those. Aaaaaanywho… We’ll see, I guess.