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Touhou 12.5 Announced

March 2, 2010

It’s a Shoot the Bullet sequel. I guess it’s not as exciting as TH13 would be, but hey, I’m still pretty excited about it. I love Shoot the Bullet. More screenshots in the source link.

Winter 2010 Anime Initial Impressions (Except Vampire Bund)

January 14, 2010

I finally sat down to watch a bunch of the 2010 anime that I meant to watch. Actually, since I put it off, I got to watch two episodes of a few things. The only one I didn’t sit down to watch yet is Dance in the Vampire Bund. I’m still waiting on a few volumes of manga to come in from Right Stuf and I want to make sure that I’m up to date on the current U.S. releases before I start watching. I’ve heard that so far it’s more of a retelling than an adaptation anyway, but some similar events happen and I don’t want to spoil myself ahead of time. And now that we have explanations out of the way, on to the impressions.


Dammit Touhou, stop being so awesome

January 8, 2010

So I keep getting distracted by Touhou. I don’t know why. I’m not even a super Touhou fan. I’m a casual. I’m like… a super-casual or an ultra-casual. See that picture? Yeah, I know probably less than a dozen of those characters. I’ve never beaten a Touhou game and I’ve only played a handful. I’ve never read any doujinshi (non-ecchi ones, I mean, the ones about the characters), nor have I read any of the manga that the creator, ZUN, writes. I really don’t know squat about it. However, that doesn’t stop me from getting way too engrossed with it every time I touch it.

For example, I keep trying to get things done and there are a handful of Touhou music remix videos that I can’t stop watching. There’s one in particular…

I LOVE that video. It’s awesome. Really unique and it has a catchy song. There’s another one I like to watch a lot, too, because of how silly it is.

Stuff like this will just catch me off guard while I’m trying to get something else done. In fact, yesterday, I was trying to make some headway in Higurashi. At around noon, I decided to get started on it. I got distracted when I saw my Touhou game folder. Started playing… for a few hours. Played Touhou 1, 5, and 9.5 for a long time. Didn’t get started on Higurashi until 4:00.

Here’s the kicker, though. I wanted to make this post at midnight last night before I went to sleep. Know what I did? I got distracted by Touhou again. I watched this a few times:

Then this morning, I was going to make the post. Know what I did? I reorganized all of my Touhou pictures for a few hours… and then watched some videos again. So it took me around 3 hours to make it to this point.

Oh, well. I’ll hopefully dedicate some good quality time to Touhou after I finish Higurashi and get it out of my system. So yeah, Rollout Riot Day 5 in less than an hour and Durarara 1 is out. I’ll hopefully be done with Higurashi this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) and I’ll write up some crap about it. More from me in an hourish.